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Professional Wrestling: What "Young Talent" should World Wrestling Entertainment be pushing?

"Young Talent" is a vague concept for The People or Professional Wrestling fans in general, Titus O'Neil deserves to be pushed [Although he's still green] even though he is thirty-eight. But Sheamus shouldn't be pushed even though he can work with anybody due to him being thirty-seven, Sheamus is "Boring" yet Kofi Kingston who has been given every minor title multiple times and has been there longer then Sheamus still deserves that push.

Then again Kalisto is the most talented Professional Wrestler in World Wrestling Entertainment currently, this is how much The People are full of mashugana nonsense.


Let us not forget that John Cena is the devil, although Cena is responsible for Dolph Zigglers only four star match and Phil 'CM Punk' Brooks second only Five Star match in his entire career.

Update 2:

How come every young talent WWE attempts to push has gotten hurt and is out for months if not years.

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    Well, since most the roster is out injured, about the only ones there are reigns, Ambrose, and Owens, which are already being pushed by wwe.

    They could do more with ziggler, r-truth isn't young but he is experienced and could be used more while others are injured, Miz too.

    I think wwe has dropped the ball on rusev, ADR, and Barrett, but those are all guys who could be pushed, Alberto Del rio losing the championship then regaining it is kind of silly especially to kalisto, Who exactly does that make look good.

    I can tell you who is most likely going to be in the final three of the rumble, reigns, lesnar, and triple h, Jericho might make it to the final four, there really isn't too many others I think anyone would take seriously, maybe Owens, Del rio, bray wyatt, Ambrose, ziggler.

    Sheamus isn't a bad talent but let me ask you, do you really want to see him against reigns again, would you really be happy if he won the rumble and was going to headline wrestlemania. He isn't the man to carry the company, and that is what wwe needs right now, especially with cena being injured and approaching the end of his wrestling career.

    Now with that all being said, Kofi Kingston, Titus o Neil, and and kalisto aren't the men who should be carrying the company. I got no problem with Kofi being upper mid-card and his role in the new day. I don't know why kalisto is fight ADR for the us championship if he is in a tag team with sin cara. Titus has some personality but you are right, he is green and a long way away from competing at a main event level.

    And wwe could of done a lot more with ryback who I almost completely forgot about since he has been pushed down the card so much. New day is pretty much already getting a push too, but when they break up there is big e wwe could push if they let him show his personality and keep him entertaining, he is great with that group but he would have to still be able to be entertaining without them if he is going to get a solo push.

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  • Paige and Sasha Banks are young. Most of hte Wrestlers that WWE Fans think of as young have years of Ring Time in other Professional Wreslting Promotions, so I wouldn't call them young. Paige and Sasha Bnaks are about 23 years old. Just about eveyrone on the WWE Roster is a lot older than they are. Most of them are in their 30's, 40's or 50's.

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    El Torito

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    All of them. What's the point of employing them in your company if you're not even going to try and utilize them to their fullest? WWE is completely wasting the biggest majority of their roster.

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    R U Mad bro? R U gonna cry? yeah WWE should hire Spudd and push him as the opening match comedy act for the kiddies!!!!!!

    HASHTAG what's TNA?

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