Found this button in my yard. Its copper with a 3 legged bird on it. Around the edge it says NOSTRA ESTATE DEVELOPMENT SPES. What is this?

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  • 4 years ago
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    The 3 legged bird is a Teutonic eagle. If the button really says "Nostra Es Dev Specs" and you've just spelled it out because you think that is what is meant, be aware that it really says what I just printed. It means: God is our Hope and means the button is either a real or reproduction of a Hessian soldiers button. Like this:

    • PhotonX
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      Yahzmin has me curious, Charlene. Did the item read as he describes, or in the way you described it? If it's really "Nostra Es Dev Specs", do you see the problem of making assumptions when providing descriptions (as opposed to pictures)? it a modern advertising 'replica'?

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