how do i wire a 110/220v welder up to 220. it has a standard 110 plug but i know it isnt 220v coming out of the wall?

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  • 5 years ago
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    Along with actually having a 240v circuit then it depends on the welder, some welders you have to connect the cord differently in the welder. Others like the Miller 211 automatically adapt to whatever the supplied voltage is. The 211 comes with adapters, but the cord may have been replaced.

    So to get a good answer it would help if you furnished the brand and model number.

    Source(s): I'm an electrician with 9 years experience working for a mechanical contractor, I often have to connect welders to existing circuits.
  • 5 years ago

    You'll have to set up the 220 power source before worrying about wiring up the welder. You will need a 2-pole breaker of the proper size and the right configuration of female outlet, cable size and back box at the location you want to connect to, You can't run 220 off of a standard 110 v outlet. HAs to be connected to both busses in the panel.

  • XTX
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    5 years ago

    since you are asking '''' HOW TO WIRE "" the 220volt welder it it really best and the safest thing to do -- get a certified electrician to run a new circuit -- wiring & breaker & wall socket -- this 220volt circuit is not the thing to mess around with ...... it is safer and it is cheaper to hire the electrician than risk a home fire .... safer for the family, you, and the home .... == == == if you want to try doing this DIY project then I suggest that you pay an electrician to consult and direct you and sign-off on the "" city permit '''' ..... doing this DIY is a 1st trip to the book store and learning what to do and how to wire a new 220v circuit ...... just be safe ... as 220v is not going to let go of you if you happen to make a mistake .... so you know the last thing that you do is wire in the copper to the breakers in the panel == wear insulated gloves and start with lots pf respect for the 220volt circuit .......

  • Jim W
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    5 years ago

    It takes 4 or 5 steps to do what you want.

    1. get the needed education to install the 240 volt circuit in the panel and wire to the welder location.

    2. Get the permits to make the legal installation.

    3. Have the installation inspected and approved.

    4. Change the wiring in the welder and the power cord to the correct voltage.

    5. Contact a local qualified professional electrician to do the correct work.

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