why is Sword Art Online so hated?

spoilers ahead if you haven't seen or are watching Sword Art Online you have been warned

Ok so i watched SAO on netflix a couple months back out of curiosity because i had heard about it and i ended up really liking it surprisingly. i found out though that many others seem to hate it for some reason.

I personally did find it a bit rushed not with the leveling thing i mean if anyone has ever played an rpg before you do know about this thing called grinding for xp. What i did find rushed was the relationship between Kirito and Asuna there was development between the two however it still feel a little fast. I also did not really care for the second Arc i liked the death game aspect of SAO it was what sold me and although the second arc was still enjoyable i didn't find it to the caliber of the first. In fact it was the second arc that stopped it from being my favorite anime tv show.(DBZ is my favorite i don't really watch tv shows that much i do watch a lot of movies though)

In the end SAO obviously has it's flaws some are kinda big like the second arc however i still don't think it's the worst show ever but i also don't think it's the best show ever for me it's a little above average i'm not gonna blindly scream while waving my fists in it's defense but these are my thoughts and i will stand by them.

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  • Jesse
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    4 years ago
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    It's an example of the first law of popular media in action, people who like something and people who profess to hate it will be in equal proportion. SAO is a show comprised of popular themes and narrative elements and it sells itself on that almost entirely, which means that it's incredibly popular with young males who haven't really gotten into anime that deep and/or stick exclusively to the shonen genre, many of whom laud it as the best anime ever, and as an amazing piece of romance fiction to boot.

    The rest of the anime community, on the other hand, is mostly made up of people who have already gone past responding to popular themes and have seen better and more diverse series, and will level accusations of Kirito being a Gary Stu (he is), the weakness of the romance (most of it occurred in timeskip), the throwaway nature of many characters, and the poor pacing of the series due to the way the story was structured in the beginning (a necessity due to the way the novels where).

    Overall, SAO starts out not great, get's better as the aincrad arc wears on and then nosedives off a cliff once the ALO arc starts (nobody likes the ALO arc) and doesn't get any better from there, the fact that the author is trying to keep alive a series that was never intended to be longer than one book becomes very obvious.

    As for me, I only like the Aincrad parts, so the only piece of SAO media I actually like is the Sword Art Online: Progressive light novels, which tell the Aincrad story from the beginning, no timeskips involved, although Kirito is Gary Stu as hell in those to, so I read them for the world-building.

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    • The Raven
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      4 years agoReport

      As an addition to what Jesse said: it is mainly about the difference between quality and enjoyment. Great quality does not guarantee enjoyment and bad quality does not mean no enjoyment.
      I can see the flaws in SAO. It is far from perfect. But I was able to enjoy it immensely nonetheless.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Here are a couple reasons:

    Popularity - some people hate things simply because it's popular

    Characters - there are a TON of people who hate Kirito, even among the fans of SAO, but of course, there are some other characters that receive a lot of hate as well, it's just that the hate for Kirito is the most justified with how much of a "Gary Stu" he is

    Plot Holes & Inconsistencies - if you pay attention to the story details, there are a lot of things missing or contradicting (especially if you compare it with SAO II)

    2nd Arc - you already know why

    Harem & Fan-service - some people just do not like harem anime of any kind, as well as the eye-candy

    Time-skipping - SAO has a lot of jumping around the timeline that it can be hard to keep track of when things are happening sometimes; it's not as bad in the novels as it is in the anime, but it's even worse in the manga

    Etc. - there are certainly more reasons for why people hate SAO, but these are just some of the more common reasons

    I personally enjoyed the show, but the more I look back to it, the more I notice the bad parts, so I can completely understand why people hate it despite being a fan of the SAO series

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  • Couldn't really say it any better than Jesse. The first story arc was excellent, in my opinion. It was interesting to imagine something like this happening and how people would react. The Gun Gale arc wasn't too bad either. After that, I don't know, it just seems like there is no risk anymore.

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  • 4 years ago

    I am a person who really enjoyed SAO, a lot of my friends said the reason they didn't like it was because of the romance in the anime but that was which made me like it so much. It was action packed and had decent romance.

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  • 4 years ago

    Simple hate SAO because, it is getting more popular while their favorite well deserved anime getting little attention.

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