Which of these symptoms are short- term consequences and which is long-term consequence of poor nutrition?

bad moods






heart disease


high blood pressure



deficiency disease

tooth decay

*Not all of these are related to poor neutron*

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    5 years ago
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    bad moods: short term

    fatigue: short term

    AIDS: not secondary to nutrition but long term

    diabetes: long term

    depression: could be either, but I'm going with long term

    paralysis: I don't see this as being secondary to nutrition & I can see it as being long OR short term

    heart disease: long term

    obesity: long term

    high blood pressure: they are PROBABLY looking for long term as the correct answer

    cancer: omg! DEFINITELY long term

    influenza: I don't see this as secondary to nutrition, but it is a short term condition

    deficiency disease: hmmmm, kind of tricky. I believe that it should be correctable, but with that typed, deficiencies can lead to long term conditions. I'd say short term with the POTENTIAL of long term complications.

    tooth decay: easily correctable, so from that perspective short term. If not corrected, tooth decay can lead to conditions such as heart disease, which is long term. I'd say shorterm with POTENTIAL long term complications.

    Good luck!

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