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Which is a better Navy career choice?

After researching the jobs from the Navy website, I think the two jobs that would fit best with my interests would be either a Gunners Mate (GM) or a Master at Arms (MA).

I have some concerns about both though, and was wondering what you guys would consider a better overall career choice assuming I went for the full 20 years.

Gunners Mate:

Pros: Seems to be a better job starting out, interesting subject, not many "this sucks" type of assignments, and one of the traditional hands on naval ratings.

Cons: A lot of time will be spent on ships, since the job is mainly focused on shipboard work. This is great at first, but 10 years down the line it may become tiresome and irritating. I have heard that GM's have a high "burnout" rate around the 8-10 year mark due to so much ship time, which would destroy any 20 year retirement plans. Also incredibly slow promotions at the E-5 and above level.

Master at Arms:

Pros: mostly work on land, so would not have to deal with excessive ship time leading to burnout and makes it easier to have a normal family life and actually make it to 20 years. Would still be able to request shipboard assignments after being in for a few years for the "travel the world" aspect.

Cons: The first few years will be terrible, with almost entirely gate guarding assignments plus a very slow promotion rate forever, but supposedly gets much better after 3 or 4 years in.

What are your thoughts?


Under MA cons I meant the assignments get better after 3 or 4 years, not the promotion rate. Typo.

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  • Don
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    4 years ago
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    Way too much guess work. Where did you get "slow promotions"? Even if a rating has slow promotions right now, there's no guarantee they'll still be slow down the road if and when you're looking to advance.

    GM is a "mechanical" rate. Is that your kind of thing? MA is security. Preferable? Don't look at 20 years down the road, you're signing a contract for four. Worry about that first. Seldom to never do you hear about someone with "burn-out" from their rotation. Just because someone is on sea duty in no way implies they'll actually be at sea for more than a small portion of it.

    Forget about all that silly stuff and just think about which job interests you the most based on your personality type. Disregard any rumor of future advancement. The only thing constant in the navy is change.

    GM's sea/shore rotation isn't any worse than many other rotations, some ratings are even more sea intensive.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Sounds like you'd like GM more. Plus MA are hated by everyone who isn't an MA.

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  • Bill
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    4 years ago

    GM trains you for a civilian job. Most folks due one hitch and done foe what ever reason..............

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