What are your thoughts on Axis: Bold as Love by The Jimi Hendrix Experience?

Rock & Pop, how do you feel about Axis: Bold as Love by The Jimi Hendrix Experience? For me, I'd say that Axis: Bold as Love is a really good album. It's not as good as Are You Experienced & Electric Ladyland, but I like how Jimi Hendrix went for a softer, quieter and more diverse sound on Axis: Bold as Love. The album has a notable influence from Bob Dylan in the lyrics, and it's clear that the production has improved, as well. I also like how Axis: Bold as Love REALLY emphasized the rhythm section that backed Jimi Hendrix; the album truly benefits from how Noel Redding & Mitch Mitchell play off each other, and I also detect influences from funk, jazz & soul on Axis: Bold as Love. Overall, Axis: Bold as Love has some weak parts, but it's still a very good album.

BQ: Favorite songs from Axis: Bold as Love?

BQ2: What are your thoughts on Jimi Hendrix's vocals, lyrics & guitar work on the album?

BQ3: What are your thoughts on the basslines & drumming on Axis: Bold as Love?

BQ4: What is your take on 60s psychedelic rock, in general?

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  • Danny
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    5 years ago
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    A fine album at the time, with some fluff and a couple of killer songs, like so many others making albums in that regard. After "Experienced" most of us were just goin' "Gimme more! Any damn thing!". I'll ditto on "If 6 was 9", but then there was "Little Wing", one of the finest tunes of the era, a slam-dunk go-home and practice 'till you bled kinda thing. Here's a two-fer, a bow to two late, great players (damn I miss these guys):


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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    I love Axis: Bold as Love, probably my favourite Hendrix album. Favourite song is if 6 was 9. I think the vocals, lyrics, guitar, baseline and drumming is all perfect, can't find any flaws. Not sure about my take on 60's psychedelic rock, I love Pink Floyd but not so much the Syd Barret days, I enjoy their popular (the wall, dsotm, animals) music.

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