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Space Help?

Does space end. If it does end where. Think about it if there is a wall at the end what on the other side of the wall

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    There's a documentary, I think it's 'Cosmos a Spacetime Odyssey' (2014) with Neil deGrasse Tyson in which the size of the universe is analyzed and explained. I think he explains that according to scientists, the space is actually an infinite number of universes over universes, over more universes and dimensions (with it's respectives galaxies and solar systems and stars). At least that's what I remember, but then again, it was a guess made by scientists. No one can really know for sure, so that's their best guess.

    But I get what you mean, it can't be infinite, but at the same time it has to be, since if there's a 'wall' somewhere, then there has to be sth behind that wall &at the same time another wall and so on..., right? But I think we have to evolve a bit more to start thinking of an answer that doesn't drive us nuts.

    At least that's my opinion.

    Hope it helps! ;)

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    This question cannot be solved because of the vastness of space (it reaches out farther than humans can observe), so people can only theorize about it.

    Common belief is that there is no end to space.

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    Start walking in one direction and see where you end up. I have a feeling it might be like that.

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