Context clue sentences for the following words. Rules. Has to have the word in it and it cannot be from the internet. Words Below?

For the following words. Rules. Has to have the word in it and it cannot be from the internet. Words





















The sentence cannot be from the internet. it has to be original. Thanks. Give me as much as you can.

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    He had to ensure that everyone got a fair share of food so had to allot it evenly.

    By working hard, and at weekends too, he was able to amass lots of money.

    The audacious cats showed no fear and scratched the dog that tried to attack it.

    When she started her new job she was given a list of rules that she had to comply to.comply

    By spraying his garden with insecticide it became completely devoid of pests.

    Having passed all his exams he joined the elite group who went to university.

    Once he had mastered the elementary problems he had to grapple with more complicated ones.

    The commander was able to incapacitate the enemy position by a prolonged bombardment.

    As he could not locate his watch he had to instigate a search of the office by the staff.

    At Grandfather's 80th birthday the whole family marvelled at his longevity hoping they too would live that long.

    As the sunlight shone through the waterfall a myriad of flashing colours emanated like rainbow on the other side.

    Checking the painting he had completed he realised that the house he had added to the landscape was too large and thus altered the perspective of it's true position.

    Don't let the fact that you broke the window perturb you as it was clearly an accident.

    As a master baker he was able to produce a prodigious number of cakes each day, far more than anyone else.

    The teacher explained to her that although her work was good, she had included some extra information that was relevant so gave her a higher mark.

    The sudden noise form the backfiring car made the hose skittish and difficult to control.

    Once calmed down they ad to tether the horse to a fence so it wouldn't run away.

    The choir sang in perfect unison as if in one voice.

    Despite his injury he entered the race to vie for first place.

    The child was so naughty that he caused willful damage by smashing the glass ornament.

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    that's uncertain and there are in fact several answers to the question...

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