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Hotspots in Yorkshire Terriers?

So this is my second time writing this. My dog is a yorkshire terrier. She got a hotspot about 6 months ago. For about 2-3 months her skin would crack and flake a lot but nothing that bad. Just recently she started to crack and bleed( her skin) its getting a little better but i assume it only going to get worse cause she scratches herself all the time. My yorkie is about 14 months old. Tell me what you think from the picture down below. what should i do as a owner

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    go to the vet and get a skin scraping. It'll depend on what that reveals. It could also be mange

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    I don't see a pic.

    I think you should see a vet.

    That being said, a vet will probably NOT tell you about very simple things you can try at home like coconut oil (1/2 to one teaspoon per meal, watch the poops and decrease if the poops get too soft) and MSM, a crystal dietary supplement (for a 25 lb dog I was doing 1000 mg a day, I'd start a yorkie with 100 mg and work up to 200 max. This is a bit about 1/2 the size of a pencil eraser.) Both of the above will be general immune boosters and the coconut oil will help the skin.

    But you also should really see a vet.

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    The picture shows us a rather cute dog, but nothing to show what the skin problem looks like. It would be best to go to the vet and get a proper diagnosis. What you describe doesn't really sound like a hotspot.

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    Hot spots can be cause by an allergy to flea saliva, to maize (corn), or a fungal infection.

    Or all of the above!

    Kelp and yeast supplements can also kick them off.

    A lot of people get good results with Sulfodene dog shampoo, but be careful not to let her lick it, use a cone. It has some very toxic ingredients. Its an anti fungal. So if that doesnt help its one of the others.

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    Maybe she has sensitive skin i remember my childhood dog had a skin condition my mom use too buy a certain kind of shampoo for her ay walmart maybe you should look into that .

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    Try taking her to the vet if youve already done that and they couldent help try to get some itch creme for dogs i hope this helps

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    " what should i do as a owner" Take it to a vet for a proper diagnosis/treatment instead of allowing it to suffer.

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