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Am I the only one who doesn t think that Phyllis Logan is beautiful?

She plays Mrs Hughes in Downton Abbey, and used to play Lady Jane in Lovejoy.

She s nearing 60. I wish I looked like her at her age, I do.

She is slim, fashionable, and youthful.

I really admire her, she is nice and a great actress. I m not jealous at all. But if everybody finds her beautiful except me, I start to wonder whether there s is something wrong in my taste.

But her face isn t pretty at all and has never been - in my opinion.

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  • 4 years ago

    I think she's adorable. I would love to have someone like Mrs. Hughes as my aunt. I like her and Isobel together in the few scenes they've shared and the one storyline involving Ethel, the pregnant maid, because they are so even-tempered and down to earth. Earth mothers both of them. In her interviews before Sunday's premiere American airing, they interviewed Phyllis out of costume, and I thought she was stunning.

    • Andrea4 years agoReport

      I didn't say she wasn't adorable. I just think that her face isn't pretty.

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  • justa
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    4 years ago

    They have a beautiful spirit that shines through and has nothing to do with regularity of features or how artfully they wear their hair and make up.

    • Andrea4 years agoReport

      Sorry. I'm a foreigner and in our book, the word "beautiful" usually focuses on looks.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    No you're not, you're right 100%!!

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