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Magic Bands with Family and Friends?

We are going to WDW with another family. It is their first time so I plan to make meal and fastpass+ reservations for the entire group. However, I don't want to register their magicbands on my account, as they cannot be transferred. How does this work?

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    what i would do is create them their own MDE account.

    then register their MB's to their account.

    then request that they become part of your friends and family list on your account.

    then you can make FP+ selections and include them.

    you can also make ADR'S and include them.

    otherwise just use your MDE account and create them under people that YOU manage and do it that way.

    that way would be the simpler way.

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    Actually, that IS how you do it. Once you login to your Disney account online, you can add other Magic Bands to your group in the Reservations section.

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