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Can you play tennis competitively if you don t like running?

My sister s on the high school tennis team and she s always complaining about aches and pains (back, legs, arms).

I keep telling her to just run a few miles with me and get in shape, but she doesn t believe me because I don t have any scientific evidence to reference.

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    The thing about tennis is that it is a lot different from running. While you're running you are running for a long period of time to keep up stamina. This might help a little with stamina but in tennis you are really taking quick long steps to get to the ball as fast as possible. If she's complaining about arm, leg, and back pain maybe there's something wrong with her form that she needs to fix.

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    I'm a junior in high school and play varsity tennis i'm number 2 in my school and number four in state i run 5k daily but like Nishant said quick long steps to the ball. Tell her to try and slice the ball a little more the extra rotation may catch her opponents off and she wont have to play against the angels which is why she would have to run. As for the aches and pains i again agree with Nishant her form is probably wrong somewhere and have her eat a banana the potassium will keep her muscles from cramping.

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    Yes you can. Try to play doubles.

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