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Elected Officials Jackson Mississippi: "Attack cops with rocks and bricks". Is it time to say F these people and let them solve their own?

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    Not surprising, there is a college professor who advocates People should be allowed to loot places like Walmart/Target because they carry insurance

    “I just don’t think that they should be prosecuting cases … for people who steal from Wal-Mart. I just don’t think that, right?” said UW-Madison director of community relations Everett Mitchell. “I don’t think [with] Target or all them other places, them big box stores that have insurance, they should be using justification, the fact that people steal from there as justification to start engaging in aggressive police practices, right?”

  • meg
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    5 years ago

    Who do you mean when you say ¨ these people¨ the people of Jackson or only their elected officials or perhaps only the ones who said this.

  • Bug
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    5 years ago

    Throwing rocks is better than aiming AK-47s at them, like the extremists in Oregon who illegally took over a Federal building.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    He should be thrown in jail and thrown out of office

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