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what is the difference between biochemical engineer and pharmacology?

dont they both come up with cures for medicines?

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    They are actually very different.

    Engineers are problem solvers. They create, design, invent, improve, validate, verify, test, control, and sustain things such as products, processes, systems, and services.

    A Biochemical engineer would likely work in an R&D or Manufacturing setting trying to figure out the safest and most efficient ways to make a certain drug or chemical. They also find and investigate causes of quality issues in the product. For example, if the drug is making people sick and is not working as advertised, they will try to figure out why by investigating the people and equipment that make the product.

    As a pharmacologist, you can work in R&D or in a store as a pharmacist. In a store, you put the medicine together and mix whatever needs to be mixed per the doctor’s recommendations. In R&D, you work in researching and developing new drugs and medicines. This involves lots of lab work and testing and FDA paperwork for approvals. Once the drug is approved, the biochemical or biomedical or bio engineer steps in and does whatever it takes to get the drug into production.

    Biochemical engineers and pharmacologists due often work together and some of their responsibilities overlap, but the main responsibilities are different.

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