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Tampons? I recently got my period a couple of months ago. All I have been wearing are pads, and my friend told me I should try out tampons.?

My friend told me that if you don't insert tampons right you might get an infection and die. Is this true? Also, I might join swim and I need to wear a tampon. Will I lose my virginity?

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    Tampons aren't recommended to younger women as there's higher risk of TSS*, also if you're only had your periods for a few months it's unlikely you know how heavy/light your flow is to know when it's safe to use tampons or what absorbency is safe to use. It's best to use pads first, if you want to use internal options it's better to consider options like menstrual cups as they're not only safer than tampons but more convenient and reliable too.

    What Are Menstrual Cups? -

    You DO NOT need to use tampons, for swimming you can use:

    - Tampons.

    - Soft tampons.

    - Menstrual sponges.

    - Menstrual cups.

    - Diaphragms as cups.

    - Softcups.

    *TSS = Toxic Shock Syndrome

    TSS occurs when bacteria are allowed to multiply and produce toxins, if these toxins get into your bloodstream via tears caused by tampons and you lack immunity they overwhelm your immune system, TSS can be fatal. Tampons can lead to TSS as they damage vaginal tissues and allow bacteria to multiply within the vagina, tampons can also increase risk of vaginal infections and certain brands contain harmful substances. This has nothing to do with inserting incorrectly, these risks are present whenever you use tampons and higher if you misuse tampons - thus if you chose to use tampons you have to understand risks and use tampons correctly.

    Precautions when using tampons:

    - Change every 4-6 hours.

    - Alternate with pads often.

    - Use lowest absorbency for your flow.

    - Avoid rayon brands: Tampax, Kotex, Playtex.

    - Use cotton brands: Natracare, Maxim, Emerita.

    - Don't use when not on your period.

    - Don't use with very light flow.

    - Don't use overnight while sleeping.

    - Don't use with vaginal infection.

    - Wash hands before inserting/removing.

    - Store tampons in a clean dry place.

    - Learn about TSS and symptoms.

    You ARE Loved (TSS information) -

    You can't lose your virginity - full stop.

    Virginity refers to when a person hasn't yet had sex with another person - it is not something physical that can be lost and sex doesn't change your vagina in any way. Tampons thus have no effect on virginity what-so-ever.

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    Don't worry! Tampons are a great solution! I personally change between the two. You cannot get an infection from inserting it wrong, it can just be uncomfortable for you. You can get an infection from leaving it in too long though! So if you do decide to try them out then disputed leave them in too long! Read the instructions. You cannot lose your virginity. Hope this helps :)

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    You might lose your virginity ... that means you've had sex. Nothing at all to do with tampons, so I'm not sure why it's in this question.

    You have to insert them properly otherwise you can feel them and it's uncomfortable, but that's all. Insertion is easy.

    There is a MINISCULE risk of toxic shock syndrome, which can kill you, but you're more likely to drown in the swim club, and I bet you're not worried about that.

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      How can using a tampon mean you had a penis in your vagina?!

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