What manga should I buy first? (extra questions regarding drrr!)?

Hi! I just discovered Amazon.. and am planning to purchase some mangas. I don't really want to get the more bigger series such as one piece, naruto etc, as there's just too many volumes/chapters...

I planned on getting Durarara but a reviewer said it was a light novel? The others were all arc mangas...what''s up with that? Is Durarara a manga series or light novel series?


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  • Kate M
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    4 years ago
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    It is both a light novel and manga. The novels are adapted into manga. The arcs are the story arcs, so if you just like one arc, then you don't need to buy it all.

    I would suggest making sure you get the best price. Many book stores so have some manga, so might have Durarara, this can be a good opportunity to see some of it in person as well. Comic stores may also sell manga, so check them as well. The company that licenses the manga might also sell it themselves and may have deals. Just check around before you buy.

    If you are unsure of what series you want to buy, or at least start buying, pick one that you like the anime of. Many anime does stick to the manga fairly well, so if you like the show, you will probably like the manga. It can also be a bit easier to keep up if you go for a series that is early in the publication, so you might only need to buy 5-7 volumes instead of 20+. Also start at the beginning.

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