Which comic book publishers accept scripts from writers and if they like, they'll help your work be created? What's Dark Horse do exactly...?

I'm a writer. Fiction mostly. I have usually written short stories and novels but I have an idea for a graphic novel and have started the script. It's coming along good for me and being edited carefully but other than concept art, I don't have the skill to draw panels worth publishing or money to hire an artist, they're crazy expensive! $25-$125 A PAGE is what I've seen.

Is it impossible? Robert Kirkman and Alan Moore are writers. Yes, they're exceptions cause they're good but they didn't draw, they wrote. How did they do it? There's tons of comic book writers who don't draw...

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  • 4 years ago
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    None if you don't have an agent and/or connections. If you do, then approach through them. Other than than, no one serious takes unsolicited submissions.

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