What move to make on my crush?

Okay so I ve been crushing over this girl for a while now. She hardly knows I exist because never see each other.Well last may night I was at a new years party and I saw her there.I was drunk at the party and I had the balls to talk to her. I knew I was kinda bugging her but we actually laughed and talked for a little bit. Actually smoke weed with her for my first time lol. Anyways I have her Facebook and Instagram. Should I message her or should just leave her a alone for now.Just wanna say thanks in advance and Happy New Year!

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    Make a play... right away.

    INVITATIONS and ASKING for a Date are the same thing, but an invitation is easier to offer, rather than ask for a date. Writing a note and handing it to her or having someone deliver it to her, will be okay.

    Most invitations are in WRITTEN FORM. (add ph# so now She has it)

    OR text if you have her number already.

    Tell her where you will be on a certain day and at a certain time.

    Let her know she is welcome to join you if she has time.

    EXAMPLE: "I'm going for ice cream after school/work at (location),

    you can join me if you're not busy... My Treat"


    It was just an invitation, NO BIG DEAL.

    Stepping up is completely up to you. All the advice and information we give you is worthless if you are too scared to try or to use it. It will ALWAYS be OK to be afraid. It is NOT ok to let your Fears Control You.

    You're wasting your time, if you are okay with being a "scary cat chicken".

    What is really going to SUCK for you,

    is when you see her with someone else and it could have been you.

    These are the Easiest and Safest approaches I have found, you're welcome to try them out. Usually works, but even if you fail with this, it is still GOOD PRACTICE for you.

    To get or keep a girls attention, IS NOT about a topic or what you say, IT'S ABOUT MAKING and KEEPING her Smiling and Enjoying your company. Compliments are ALWAYS a good Ice breaker. Let her know she makes you Nervous, she will be Flattered and Nice, because she knows what its like to be Nervous (she is probably nervous too).

    Practice is about FAILING, until You Get Better.

    DO NOT be afraid to Practice.

    The following is information you will need one day:

    (for this girl or the next)

    TO GET A DATE, without having to ask: Tell her you know someone that wants to go on a date with her. She'll want to know WHO. Take her by the hand to wherever there is a reflection and standing next to her say "Him" (pointing at your reflection)----- OR


    Make a wager (bet) with the person you want to spend time with.

    Lose that bet to them, INTENTIONALLY.

    The wager should be something that puts you together alone and

    away from everyone you know.

    Make the wager something you can afford and non threatening

    or too suggestive.

    (an ice cream cone, a shake, a coffee, washing a car)

    EXAMPLE: "I'll bet you an ICE CREAM SUNDAE, I can say

    the alphabet backwards faster than you."

    Then LOSE the bet to her and take her for an ice cream sundae.

    (enjoy your Date)


    (you DO NOT have to be on a date, you just have to be near her)

    When you have been with her for awhile and are side by side (walking, standing or sitting) gently take her hand and Say: "Can I borrow this for a little bit? I Promise to take care of it and return it in awhile" She will smile and probably be Impressed and Flattered. If she flinches and pulls away, chances are its a REACTION, NOT REJECTION. Smile and give her something of yours as deposit/collateral and Let her know you want it back when you return her, her hand.


    As long as she is enjoying herself with you. In the middle of a conversation, Smile and say: "Close your eyes, you have something close to them". When she does, Touch your lips to hers. Not really a kiss, but it breaks the ice.

    Then SMILE and tell her: "Oh it was just me. You have soft lips, I like that". Keep smiling. Ask her what yours felt like, before she says anything. But keep smiling.

    Your biggest FEARS are NOT knowing What to SAY or

    How to do Something.

    It's like taking a test. It's NOT so scary, once you know the answers.

    Driving is NOT so scary, once you're behind the wheel a few times.

    Same with the Opposite Sex.

    Practice and Experience equals, "PIECE OF CAKE".

    Every BF/GF Relationship that you see, happened because

    ONE OF THEM took a chance and spoke up

    DO NOT PLAY IT COOL... every chicken does that,

    then the BadBoys and Jerks end up getting her.


    This Info Is Still Good PRACTICE For You.

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      Thank you so much man. I really respect your help. And right I'm going to text her right now. Whether I get rejected or not I know I won't thinking about what could have been. Thanks again man Happy New Year

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