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Do Muslims ring in the new year 2016. Does the msulim religious calander use the same calendar as everyone else uses?

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    Muslims and Jews use lunar calendars, that cause the New Year to move around the solar calendar.

  • Dan
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    Muslims, Jews, and Easter Orthodox Christians each have their own calendars for calculating religious dates. They all use the Gregorian calendar for secular events, the same as everyone else.

    The Gregorian calendar, which you probably call the "regular" calendar, is named after Pope Gregory XIII.

    Muslims celebrate New Year's Day, as do Jews. Muslims also celebrate the Islamic New Year on the start of the year according to the Islamic calendar, and Jews celebrate Rosh Hashana, which is the start of the new year on the Jewish calendar.

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    muslims celebrate new yr on 1st day of month muharram...their calendar is lunar which don't include extra month so any their month can come on any of month of AD yr!Jews have Anno Mundi which is era/in the yr of creation..:)

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    They use the al Hijri calendar.

    Please refer to the link below for more details.

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    They have their own new year, just like Buddhists, just like Baha'is.

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    Muslim uses Jewish calender and bomb it.

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