does my 10 week old boxer puppy drink too much water?

i got a 7 week old boxer puppy. she is now 10 weeks old.

ive started reading things online about juvenile renal failure And ive gotten kind of paranoid.

ive now started to wonder if my puppy drinks dangerously amounts of water.

she will go to her water bowl as soon as she wakes up and drink alot of water.

during the day she will drink alot when she eats her dry kibble.

she is very very active and loves to play with her sister all day.

she eats good , plays, poops, and pees good.

(she pees quite alot but mostly when she wakes up from naps. and during the night maybe once)

at night maybe around 8-11 pm she will settle down and nap on the couch with us.

she will sleep for a while, wake up, go pee, and drink a pretty big amount of water) this repeats maybe 3-4 times until bedtime.

im very scared and concerned for my pup.

does she drink too much??

she acts completely normal to me.

alrhough it scares me that the JRF i mentioned doesnt show many symptoms until they get worse.


help. thank you :(

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  • 5 years ago
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    She's probably fine. But if you are concerned, collect some of her urine and take it, fresh, with her to your vet for a check. If nothing else that should put your mind at rest. Some dogs drink more than others, and especially if they are on a dry diet. And get off the internet - as said, a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Rather than to go renal failure, if anything, I'd consider diabetes, before that. But don't go off on that one - see your vet.

  • 5 years ago

    Why didn't you address any and all concerns that you may have when you took it into a vet, within 48 hours of getting it, for a wellness exam along with a fresh fecal specimen?

    It's a puppy, puppies pee, because they have a smaller bladder and need to be taken out every 1-2 hours. Never restrict water intake.

  • 5 years ago

    I think a dog would know when to stop drinking. My boxer drinks A LOT of water but that's only because that's what she needs she plays a lot and is pretty active so she needs to drink and I'm sure that's the case with your puppy

  • 5 years ago

    Sounds normal. More important than the amount of water that she drinks is how much she pees and she doesn't sound like she's going too much.

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  • paul
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    5 years ago

    easy answer...... start with a wellness check with your vet .........fresh water 24 7 after that unless your vet tells you otherwise for medical reasons

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