I quit band and my teacher was going to go to my consert. I made 8 people mad at me for quiting band, was this the best idea to make?


I was failing a class in school and some one {I will not say who} asked me about band.I also lied to my pearsons about seanding a messeg to the teacher.

Update 2:

The teacher is my math teacher and i am gessing that she wanted to see me play and because i am her star student.

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  • Danny
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    5 years ago
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    Welcome to YA, Kimmy. You don't give us much to go on (do an update to your question, if you like). I guess I'll just say you make the best decision you can on all kinds of things, then learn from the results.

    Sometimes a good choice for you will be upsetting to others. People have been upset when I quit something, other times when I stayed with something. Ditto on people happy with my choices, both ways. You aren't expected to make everybody happy, while you just suffer. Hold your head up, live your life.

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    If you quit to concentrate on spelling it was definitely a good thing.

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