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How to get rid of all the hair on my body?!?

Hello, I'm a 13-14 girl and I have hair everywhere!! My arms,legs,back,knuckles, hands,shoulders,and stomach.. I'm really self conscious and wear sweaters/long sleeves all the time. I'm tired of it. Question is how can I get rid of it exactly? I want to become a model/ dancer when I get older and I know that being hairy is going happen.. So how exactly do I get rid of all my hair? Waxing? Shaving? Not to mention my eyebrow that I get bullied for /: Sorry for the rant but do I wax my whole body or what?! I need help I'm desperate.

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    You've never been close to models & dancers. What you're looking @ that has no hair, on their arms, etc. are airbrushed magazines. In person, models & dancers DO HAVE body hair.

    People Magazine Red Carpet Style issue, page 75, Sienna Miller, showing 'beard' blonde hair, even with makeup.

    2 page spread of the Acqua di Gioia model, by Giorgio Armani, she's hairy blonde EVERYWHERE, plus she's got very dry, flaky skin. She was draped with palm leaves! Her eyebrows are brown, her hair long wavy wet dark brown, blue or green eyes, found in InStyle, Glamour and Vogue magazines. The only parts of her body that was airbrushed: shoulders, knee, face.

    An InStyle June 2013, page 2, a Lancome Paris advertisement showing a girl with un-even eyebrow one perfect, the right eyebrow farther away. I noticed it right on the spot!

    Male model for Kraft ZESTY Italian, he's got hair on his legs, arms and spray-tanned.

    On the Sept. 2013 issue of Bazaar magazine, front cover featuring Sarah Jessica Parker, showing her very dry & blonde hairy skin, only her right shoulder airbrushed. This is not a blooper! It's reality!

    This is now 2016, where in America any part of hair on your body or facial is kinda gross. In Europe, or any countries in the world, hair on men (as well as body hair on women) pretty normal stuff.

    JLo, Penelope Cruz, Demi Moore all have them, take a closer look next time you watch Idol.

    Victoria Newman of the Young & the Restless have them, too! BTW: thick eyebrows are in!

    That's natural if you're Asian, Italian, Iranian, Latina, etc, even blonde haired girls.

    BTW: "In Europe they don't care about hair on their arms, legs, facial, pubes, ONLY in America. If God wanted hair there, why did women have to worry so much about them, and men don't?" ~ Madonna Dec. 2013 issue Bazaar mag.

    Cara Delevigne didn’t double-check herself before heading out? The English supermodel is known for her hairy eyebrows, but it looks like her trademark brows have some competition with her upper lip, as the 22 year old brunette arrived to the YSL Beauty, Jan. 20, 2015.

    Dakota Johnson's pubic hair shown in the erotic movie 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

    Gisele Bundchen’s photo #82 on Embarrassing celebrity photo galley, showed her hairy blonde left arm sticking out like static.

    WAXING caution: home waxing kits come in both cold (Nads) and hot wax varieties – cold kits may not work as well but are certainly safer to use in the genital region. If you’re going to a salon, choose a professional location that makes safety a priority.

    Example from YA!: "so i waxed my upper lip and it left a huge red mark all on top of my upper lip. the next day wrinkly skin formed over it and it started to peel so i peeled it off and now its extremely red and shiny what can i put on it so it wont scar and how long will it take to heal?"

    2nd example from YA!: "2 weeks ago, I used the waxing kit, and I did my arms. It didnt take off any hair, but it did sizzle my skin, I stopped midway through my left arm because it hurt so bad. At first the skin was very red, cracked, and had scabs. The scabs came off and the skin felt normal, but I noticed my arm was developing tiny bumps. Now, my entire left arm has broken into huge red, puffy bumps that itch like hell. I also noticed my entire body is starting to itch..... especially my face. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!!! I WANT TO SUE SALLY HANSEN!" (gross photo posted but I won't).

    Another example: “Update: I just used the Veet Oriental Facial Strips on my upper lip, and its red and burning like hell, and although it doesnt show, it feels like its swollen too. its 1 AM, everyone is asleep, and I have my bachelors convocation in 8 hours and I need to look good for that. Please help, and fast.”


    Experts warn against using depilatories like Veet, Nair March 10, 2015: Want to ruin your summer? It only takes three minutes.

    That’s what dermotologists were saying Tuesday, one day after a Manhattan woman sued the makers of Veet hair-removal cream claiming she got third-degree burns when she hit the beach after using the product.

    "Even without sun exposure I've seen people who have been burned or irritated from the product just because it is fairly caustic to the skin," said Dendy Engelman, a dermatologic surgeon in Manhattan.

    "A three-minute treatment that turns into months of displeasure from being disfigured could ruin your whole summer.”

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    Due to the hormones changing in your body during these years, the hair on your arms, legs, and elsewhere, is going to change from being clear and colorless hair, to being your natural hair color. It's a combination of being more self aware as a self conscious teenager, and getting older, as you said.

    Because of the increasing pressure by society to be completely hairless, greater and greater numbers of young women and men are deciding to remove whatever hair they have on their bodies in order to "fit in" with the rest of society which have already been sold the marketing idea that razor corporations created over a century ago during the First World War.

    What you think is normal to look like, isn't actually "normal" at all. It's mostly just businesses trying to sell you another thing you don't need.

    Chances are, if more young women saw people around their age that didn't buy into this practice, they would be more independent regarding how they view their bodies.

    If you keep telling yourself that you are beautiful as you are, eventually you'll believe it.

    If you don't want to shave, don't. If you do want to shave, keep in mind that shaving does not make hair grow back thicker. That's an old wives tale that people refuse to disbelieve. It just looks that way because it hasn't grown long enough to be worn down and become finer from life.

    The only thing that really causes body hair to grow thick, is a hormone imbalance either at birth/menstruation, or from taking medication that alters your androgen or testosterone levels. If that happens see an endocrinologist.

    Finally, most reasonable people don't really care unless you make it an issue.

    If someone is offended by the way you look, they're shallow people, and don't deserve to be around you.

    Finally, as a guy, I can also say that most men don't care if you're hairy or not. We're just happy to be in a romantic relationship. Besides, what's more confident than someone who is proud of who they are?

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    Okay, for your legs for now use Nair or just shave it. Arms...well it's natural for girls to have hair on their arms but under arms just shave it or use Nair. I too have stomach hairs.. :( I shave it. These this laser hair removal you can buy offline call "no no hair" or something and it's cheap but works. Once you're older you can get it professionally done so it doesn't come back

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    I actually have blonde hair and I adore it! I love it because it's what looks best on me.

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    I got blonde hair, and i died this black and people said i appeared waaay better blonde because black tends to make my face look pail.

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    razor blade, careful though.

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