What names would you give this family?

Not really any reasoning behind it. Just for fun :). I like to see how creative people are. Pick a first and middle name for each person.

Surname: Huntley, Dalton, Young, Stratton

Dad: (first) Douglas, Raymond, Anthony, Marc, Justin

(middle) James, Eric, Paul, Thomas, Kevin

Mom: (first) Victoria, Jordan, Aria, Seraphina, Mila

(middle) Anne, Nicole, Elle, Katherine, Marie

Triplet #1: (first) Scarlett, Ophelia, Riley, Aviana, Logan

(middle) Paige, Grace, Mae, June, Kaitlin

Triplet #2: (first) Alex, Paisley, Quinn, Raya (R-EYE-UH), Violet

(middle) Fay, Jenna, Louise, Candace, Sophia

Triplet #3: (first) Savannah, Rosie, Layla, Penelope, Ashlynn

(middle) Eve, Kelsey, Crystal, Iris, Essa

Son: (first) Jake, Bennett, Liam, Charlie, Aiden

(middle) Nicholas, David, Eli, Carson, Matthew

Son: (first) Mason, Caleb, Isaac, Dylan, Anthony

(middle) William, Daniel, Henry, John, Noah

Note: Just use the ones listed, don't change spelling, feel free to give me personalities/ looks or whatever you want! Have fun :)

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    5 years ago
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    Dad: Douglas James Young

    Mum: Seraphina Marie Young

    Triplet #1: Scarlett Grace Young

    Triplet #2: Raya Jenna Young (jealous that she's the only girl in family who's name doesn't start with 's')

    Triplet #3: Savannah Kelsey

    Son: Liam Carson Young

    Son: Caleb William Young

  • 5 years ago

    Anthony James Young

    Victoria Katherine Young

    Scarlett Grace Young

    Paisley Jenna Young

    Rosie Crystal Young

    Liam Nicholas Young

    Dylan William Young

  • Anna
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    5 years ago

    Last name: Huntley

    Justin James

    Mila Katherine

    Scarlett Grace

    Alex Sophia

    Savannah Eve

    Aiden Nicholas

    Mason Henry

  • 5 years ago


    Raymond Paul & Victoria Marie.

    Riley Grace, Quinn Louise & Ashlynn Eve.

    Jake Matthew, Dylan John.

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  • 5 years ago

    I would name them:

    • Justin Eric Stratton

    • Victoria Marie Stratton

    • Ophelia Mae Stratton

    • Violet Sophia Stratton

    • Penelope Iris Stratton

    • Bennett Nicholas Stratton

    • Caleb Noah Stratton

    — Rose ♥

  • 5 years ago

    YOUNG family.

    Marc & Tori Young with their children Scar, Letti, Nellie, JC & Zac

    Dad --> Marc Thomas Young

    Mum --> Victoria Nicole Young "Tori"

    Triplets -->

    Scarlett Mae Young "Scar"

    Violet Sophia Young "Letti"

    Penelope Iris Young "Nellie"

    Son --> Jake Carson Young "JC"

    Son --> Isaac Noah Young "Zac"

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