Good kpop songs?

The types of songs I like are bts songs and songs like superfly by 25k, ah yeah by seventeen, badman by B.A.P, Hello Bitches by CL, and pretty much everything by Got7. If you could tell me any songs that are similar to these that would be awesome. I've been wanting to expand my kpop library but haven't been able to find anything I like. Thank you in advance to those who answer! :)

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  • 5 years ago
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    I am not sure which songs exactly you already listen to but I will write a list of songs I recommend ^-^/

    Songs I recommend:

    Rapmonster [BTS]: Joke

    Rapmonster [BTS]: Do You - Rapmonsters rapping is all around amazing. He is a very skilled rapper with a unique twist to some of his songs.

    Giriboy, Mad Clown, Jooyoung ft. No Mercy: Young - This is a great hip hop song full of a mix of great vocalists and rappers from Starship entertainment.

    B.A.P: Warrior

    B.A.P: Young, Wild & Free

    B.A.P: 1004 (Angel) - A Personal Favourite of mine

    BTS: Fun Boyz

    B.A.P: One Shot

    Infinite: Back - Infinite are another amazing group which you should try out if you have no already.

    Infinite: Bad

    iKON: Rhythm Ta

    iKON: Whats Wrong?

    iKON [B.I & Bobby]: Anthem

    CL: Doctor Pepper

    CL: Baddest Female

    Madtown: OMGT

    Madtown: YOLO

    Madtown: New World

    BTS: Dope

    Up10tion: Catch Me

    Teentop: Ah-Ah

    Teentop: Hot Like Fire

    Teentop: I Love It - Teentop are another amazing group with really catchy songs

    Monsta X: Rush

    Monsta X: Hero

    Monsta X: Trespass

    EXO: Lightsaber

    EXO: Love Me Right

    BTS: Path

    BTS: Adult Child

    BTS: Born Singer

    BTS: I Like It Pt.2

    There are many other good songs too but I really recommend all these songs and I hope you enjoy them!

    I also recommend checking out BTS's soundcloud If you have not already~ They post amazing songs and have released one today as well.

  • 5 years ago

    listen to EXO! theyre amaze

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