Sims 3 won't load on origin? Help!?

Okay so I had the sims 3 on my old laptop a few years ago.. This was before they even started using origin and I only was able to play the game by putting my sims disc into the disc drive and downloading it onto the computer. I've had lots of friends borrow my sims expansion packs and use them on their computers too (but not through origin). Now origin is saying that my code has already been used although it has never been entered into an origin account before. Is there any way that I can still use my sims games or do I have to buy new access codes in order for them to work? Help!

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    That depends. In your Origin account, is your game showing up there but simply won't let you download it because the code has already been used? If so, the game was registered to you (possibly with a Sims 3 account which is the same as your Origin account) and obviously is yours, so all you would need to do is redeem the code from the Origin menu.

    If the game does not show up in your Origin account, that means one of your friends has it (the code) registered to them so it is no longer your game, even if you have the disc. Codes are non-transferable, so you cannot use it or buy another code for it. You will have to re-buy that game and register it to your account.

    However, if you can remember way back when there was no Origin, but you made a Sims 3 (EA) account and registered all your games on it, if you can remember that old account, use it to login to Origin and your games will be there. In that case, it means you mistakenly made a new Origin account instead of using your old Sims 3 account. If so, you need to contact EA through Origin, give them the info on both accounts and have them combine it into one account, as game codes can only be used by one account, and EA (all games) and Origin are the same thing.

    If you cannot remember the old account, then yes, I'm sorry, you've lost possession of those games.

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    Origin Wont Load

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    probably... i think origin changed things to force you to use it. sorry to hear that happened.

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