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I need help with titles for my book trilogy!?

My book is about a girl, Willow, is born to a very loving mother, and very political father. She tends to have very few friends, partially because of her siblings. She makes one friend, Hannah, while she still lives in her home town. But then once she turns fourteen, she and her family move to the town of Velvetica. In August she starts school in another town called Riverside. At her new school she meets Ivy, and her friends, Lauren and Sean. Willow might have her suspicions but that doesn't stop her from making more friends. After a while, Willow learns the answers to some of her questions, and some secrets. When she learns one secret, she is afraid whether she should hide or stand up to her authorities, and how long she might have before something worse happens. The town has restrictions for its citizens and it is if you have any other color of heart like blue, pink, green, white, and more except for black, you can live in peace. But if you have a black heart you shall surely die. Willow finds out she has to take a test. When she took her test, she found out she had a black heart. In the end she ends up dying by taking a bullet to the stomach saving Sean. When she wakes up two years later, none remembers her and she has no wounds. She feels for a heartbeat and she doesn't have one. She is immortal. Se tries to convince her friends and the government it is really her and so on. The first one is Black Heart.

I also have the partial first book on Wattpad.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago
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    Well it depends on the content and storyline of the books. You're gonna want to make the titles relevant, enticing and perhaps personal to each book. You've pretty much nailed the first books title, and I'd surely read that after reading the description of it.

    I'm really happy for you, congratulations on writing that. That's a lot of hard work you've done and so I hope it becomes really successful. I'm sure you'll find the perfect title very soon - don't try too hard, it'll come to you

    Perhaps try to name it after the fact she has no heartbeat, but not in a corny and obvious fashion. I can't think of an example right now, agh!! Sorry

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  • 4 years ago

    Black Heart: The Awakening

    Blue Heart: Heart Song

    Red Heart: The Kindred Spirits

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  • 4 years ago

    "In the end she ends up dying by taking a bullet to the stomach saving Sean. When she wakes up two years later"

    I thought she was dead...

    Perhaps just call the series "Hearts" or something similar, and then when you know a bit more about each of the books you can pick specific individual names for each.

    • Hailey4 years agoReport

      She did die, that's why I put in there that she is now immortal and she has no heartbeat.

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