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Bacterial vaginosis (BV) and a home remedy question?

So I have BV... Went to the doc and they gave me an antibiotic for it and I took it all as prescribed... it helped for a little but the bv came back... I was wondering if the apple cider vinegar in the bathtub actually worked? Heard about it online and threw a friend... And does anyone know of any other natural remedies that work as well? Thank u!

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    In fact, apple cider vinegar in the bathtub can help you relieve some symptoms.

    You may be able to get help from the following natural treatments.

    1. Herbal medicine

    Unlike Western medicine antibiotics, herbal medicine was composed by a variety of natural herbal plants and less damage would be brought to the human body. Herbal treatment is gradual. You may need two to three months or even longer time for treatment, but the result can indeed be very stable and significant. Herbal medicine like Fuyan Pill from Wuhan Dr. Lee’s TCM Clinic maybe a good choice. It is believed to be the most effective herbal treatment on BV which has been confirmed by lots of patients.

    2. Eating right

    After suffering from this disease diet should be insipid, no smoking or drinking, do not eat spicy things, eat more foods with a light penetration dampness, such as melon, watermelon, red bean, which are conducive to the rehabilitation of this disease. Drinking more water to speed up the body metabolism.

    3. Keeping the vagina clean

    Choosing the right material underwear, cotton underwear will be best. Try not to wear tight pants, which will make your vagina can not breathe; changing underwear often and be sure that your underwear can be touched by sunshine.

    4. Taking morning exercises

    Appropriate exercise can improve physical fitness, enhance body immunity. Regular exercise can improve immune globulin levels, increase the number of leukocytes in the blood, enhance vagina resistance to infection, prevent and stop the spread of pathogens.

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    It's awful! I take probiotics and a vinegar tablet every day. Seems to help. But I started by inserting a vitamin C tablet (not a capsule) inside there. Stings a bit and you might bleed a little but it cleans you out. You will have a lot of discharge with the Vit C tab but it helps. You can douche with half-strength hydrogen peroxide. It helps but it comes back. I hate it. Had it for ten years. One thing they say is to stop eating sugar, but I haven't tried that. I love chocolate too much. Good luck!

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