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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentLaw Enforcement & Police · 5 years ago

Is it time 2 start shunning people who R police men, refusing their business in our stores,restaurants etc,until they behaving more humane?

I've already seen restaurant owners

tell police to leave their place of business.

Perhaps shunning them and their family

members will send a message and their family member will ask them why they are so inhumane?


Love me, Baby-

Never had to call police and never will and that's why we have a 2nd amendment.

Police don't help anyone anyway anymore. They're just on a power trip, because

they are psychopaths.

Update 2:

Wicked Knife and Fork-

There are thousands of people who attempt to fill complaints and are turned away

and refused the correct form. Those who HAVE filled complaints have found themselves

RETALIATED against. One community was harassed for a month straight, summonses given out

for being ONE INCH further from the curb when parking in front of their own homes.

Update 3:


"It's a Federal Crime to refuse goods and services to a customer if you simply don't want to. You will just cause more trouble for your business."

What's the citation? Give me the law, or fail. It may a civil rights violation against people of

color,.. but it's not a violation when done to police men.

Update 4:

Bad wolf-

Ohhhhh wolfiee, I'm sacred~

Update 5:


Don't need one, never have, never will, never arrested, no tickets or accidents in 30 years,

married for 30 years, volunteer Fire Fighter, Veteran, and I'm conservative. Police are a direct

embarrassment to the rule of law that conservative such as myself hold above all!.

Police officers wipe their asses on the constitution hundreds of times each week across

our nation. The constitution is the most important

thing to us Conservatives.

Update 6:

Wicked Knife and Fork-

In the army our sergeant used to punish the entire platoon for mistakes made

by the few or individual recruits. In turn the rest of the platoon would "frag"

the goof offs. Shunning will punish all until they decide to POLICE THEMSELVES


Update 8:


"Tell ya what, next time you need a police officer," Refusal to respond to 911,.. in Miami

they fired an entire police squad for refusal to answer 911 calls. HAHAHA!! So go ahead

and refuse. LOL!!!!

Miami-Dade Police Squad Fired After Video Shows Officers...

Update 9:

Russ in NOVA-

They aren't always shooting hardened criminals, Russ.

They often go over-board because they ego issues.

There are hundreds of youtube videos of cops going to

extreme, beating tasing and shooting people because of

a traffic stop where THEY escalated the situation. All 350

million American can't be forced to by a kevlar vest just because

many cops have an attitude and an ego problem when a motorist asks

CALMLY "Why was I pulled over, officer?"

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago
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    If you have first hand knowledge of a particular individual policeman or multiple policemen or women who use unneccessary and excessive force then perhaps this is something you want to do with those specific cases. But ostracizing all police is not wise or right.

  • james
    Lv 7
    5 years ago

    Many do. But it is illegal to refuse service in a business based on race or occupation. The cops kind of have them there. They have cut back on the amount of bribe they send into the cop good buddie fund. Many have done away with the free meal And only give a set discount. But business does know that a cop car in there lot keeps many from stopping to buy in there stores. So like the rest of the citizen they are forced to tolorate them. I when in America did post my property no police trespass. And did not use there service. They don't like that also. And will do harm to you for such. Such is the great American cops.

  • 5 years ago

    Tell ya what, next time you need a police officer, call your plumber and see if he will go in your dark house that you found the door open when you came back home.

    And I know of no business that has refused police officers or their families entry into their businesses,and neither do you

    This is a typical TROLL bait question to see what kind of answers you can get because you are a troll with nothing better to do

  • 5 years ago

    What an idiot. I have never met a policeman that wasn't respectful and professional (but I am not a criminal). Your self-centered, criminal-enabling, entitlement-oriented way of thinking is what is wrong with our society, not a handful of bad police. Instead of recognizing the great strides in police behavior over the last 50 years and recognizing the 99.9% of them who do the job the people pay them to do, you want to punish them all because a few bad apples are a little over zealous against CRIMINALS in a criminal culture. If you want more respect from the police, then try showing some respect to them and show some pride and help clean-up the crime-filled neighborhood you live in, then even the bad ones won't have anyone to shoot.

    I bet you beat your dog because a stray bit you as a kid.

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  • I wonder how many have considered the technique of "shunning" to demonstrate disenchantment with the police state? Shunning has been used in the past to express disapproval of behavior by some religious groups. It is a passive and totally non violent means of showing distaste for the behavior of others which does not involve harassment or any kind of overt acts which could be considered illegal. In effect, it is the total opposite of stalking or harassment, seeking to avoid an interaction with police and their families as much as possible. In spite of their high and mighty, "better than us" attitude, police and their family members shop in grocery and department stores, go to the movies, eat in restaurants, are involved in Churches and other organizations, have children who attend schools,, and do many other things in the community just like the rest of us when they are off duty. Many police today live outside the communities they serve and in these cases shunning of police and their families is not highly effective. In smaller communities where police and their families are known to many in the community, shunning would appear to send an effective message that we are not happy with the current state of affairs in police-community relations. Certainly when police are in uniform we can do our best to avoid them and not get involved in interactions with them unless absolutely necessary. When we walk into a restaurant and see a police officer, we can advise the host or hostess that we have decided not to eat there due to the presence of the police.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Some of the answers of retaliation,.. are exactly why they SHOULD be shunned

    in our society. Instead of trying to change 350 million americans, we have to

    change the inhumane behavior of law enforcement, or everyone of us 350 million

    will have to wear a kevlar vest just so we can ask a cop "why did you pull me over?"

    I've read news stories of police being shunned. If officers don't get the message

    they should be turned into outcasts, and it will be their own fault.

    They don't like US any way which is why we are the "THEM" to their "US verses THEM" attitude.

  • 5 years ago

    When I worked in a restaurant, we gave uniformed police officers a discount for dining with us.

    To the best of my knowledge, my former employer still has that policy. And I support it!

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    It's a Federal Crime to refuse goods and services to a customer if you simply don't want to. You will just cause more trouble for your business.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    ha Ha, it's time for cops let your screams go unanswered as you're frantically dialing 9/11 for help as you're about to get butt-raped by the local gay Muslim gang.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Please post your home address.

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