I've been looking at the 'casual encounters' portion of craigslist.. but they all seem to be scams, has anyone actually met someone from CL?

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago
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    None are real. All are scammers wanting you to go to a fake 'verification' site, hookers and webcam girls trying to get you to pay for their site

    Friends and I did an experiment for 3 months to see if any of us could meet a real girl. After 3 months not one of 5 of us ever met a live person. There was not one single real girl on the site

    The problem is, girls don't use CL because too many have been raped and even murdered so they assume any guys on CL are sex offenders and murderers. That's why real girls never post their

    If you want a casual encounter use Tinder. There are fakes too but I also meet at least 3 girls a month

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