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From what species is that spider?(Picture below)?

I was sitting in my room about 10 minutes ago and i saw this spider.I caught it with a glass and let it on outside. But the weird thing is it's height was about 3-4 cm and it wasn't like other type of spiders that we see around oftenly.I want to know what type of spider is it?And is it poisonous or something?Anyway,we live in mediterranean climate.

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    Your little friend is one of your local wolf spiders. They are not dangerous at all, but if mis handled can give a bit of a painful nip.

    Cool spiders, but if it rear up and raises its first pair of legs, that is not a good time to go poking a finger at it.

    You do have widows and recluse in the Med, those are the only ones you shouldn't play with.

    I am guessing yours is a rustic wolf spider, and yep, they can get a little big:

    Source(s): Been around spiders 50 years.
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