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Why are there so many insects?

What was God's plan?

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    Insects are more important to our ecosystem than any higher-order creature. They provide services such as pollination; they are the primary decomposers on the planet; they are an essential food source for many plants and animals, they are seed dispersers and microbe vectors; and they act as control agents for many other plant & animal species.

    Insects are also employed broadly in research; as environmental indexes, in drug dicovery, in genetics, in ecology, in engineering (ie biomimmetics etc.).

    Some bugs are used by humans in recreation (ie in fishing)

    They are an important, renewable source of protein for some people

    Bees make honey

    Butterflies are purdy


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    Well, they are very tiny, so they take up very little space.

    By proportion there aren't very many Blue Whales, so I think things balance out.

    Humans are by far the most destructive.

    I mean a gorilla is much larger and has to eat more... takes up more space... but doesn't toss 1000 plastic bottles into the garbage can per year (or whatever the actual figure is).

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    Pandora's Box.

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    it is part of the food chain , when all food runs out locusts can be eaten

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    why not?

    instects are awesome. Existence is boring without awesomeness.

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    Seems to work pretty well!

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    It is a just simple test. :)

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