Do I need to go to a college or get some kind of degree in order to publish comics and graphic novels?

I ve been really into drawing since a young age, and now it s something that I truly love doing. At the moment, I m working on a story with compelling characters and development. I m doing this, because I hope to create a comic series or graphic novel someday.And not just a little story you come across on the Internet, one that you can read, review, then leave. I mean, I really want these to be published and maybe someday bought; I want to make something out of myself, no matter how much patience I need. Problem is, no matter where I look, one question never seems to be answered: Do I need to go to some sort of comic college or get some sort of degree to become a certified comic book creator? Will I be seen like some kind of joke without some sort of certification?

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    One does not need to go to college in order to publish one's own comics, although there are art schools, such as the Kubert School, that would help students draw for narratives and cartoons.

    Here are some examples of comic creators that earned college degrees and had previous careers that unrelated to their current field:

    Jim Lee - Psychology degree from Princeton University. Currently the Co-Publisher of DC Comics and worked on X-Men, Justice League, and Image Comics.

    Jonathan Hickman - Worked originally in advertisement and graphic design. Currently the writer of Marvel's Secret Wars, and the writer of several creator-owned series, Manhattan Projects, East of West, and The Dying & The Dead.

    Charles Soule - Columbia Law School graduate, currently practicing law in NYC. Also currently writing for Marvel Comics and his creator-owned comic Letter 44.

    Geoff Johns - Film theory degree from Michigan State, formerly an assistant to Director Richard Donner. Currently the Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics and the writer of the Justice League comic.

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      This was extremely helpful and just what I needed to see. Thank you.

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