Please help ... What is it actually meant by 'pointedly' here in this context/?


Another important boycott supporter, Ernst Lee Jahncke (a former assistant secretary of the US Navy), was expelled from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in July 1936 after taking a strong public stand against the Berlin Games. The IOC pointedly elected Avery Brundage to fill Jahncke's seat. Jahncke is the only member in the 100-year history of the IOC to be ejected.

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    As used here, "pointedly" means decisively or boldly. In addition to expelling Jahncke which itself showed the Committee's disapproval of the boycott idea, they went further and elected Brundage to take his place. This action was taken pointedly, to make the point that, in addition to opposing the boycott, they could get along without Jahncke.

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    extremely apparent.

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