Is there any state in the world without a defined borders....?....?


That is apart from israel.....

Update 2:

SB ...all the countries you mentioned plus the wiki have disputes on a certain piece of land ...each country does not recognize the other country claim but the land under the control of each country is recognized as part of it land....

take India and Pakistan ....both have dispute on Kashmir ....The Indian part of Kashmir that is under Indian control is RECOGNIZED in India as part of India.......Pakistan does not recognize that......The same in Pakistan.....

Update 3:

The part of kashmir that under Pakistan control is RECOGNIZED in Pakistan as part of Pakistan......India does not recognize that....

In israel.....israel is occupying the West Bank since 1967 .....israel claim the West Bank is disputed land....still does not recognize the West Bank as part of israel ....for more than 38 years now the West Bank is under israeli control ,still not part of israel.....israel has lost ALL the legal claim on the West Bank,that if there is any ,

Update 4:

israel did not define its borders as far as the West Bank is concerned.....even though it is been under israeli control for more than 38 years.....loosing all claim of The West Bank being disputed land......

Meanwhile ,the Palestinian Authority did define the Borders of Palestine,the West Bank area including East of Jerusalem and Gaza strip.....and it will not hesitate in putting that under true control as Palestine state

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    Yes - there are a few but the none of them have started as many wars as Israel.

    When the Zionists used violence in 1947 and 1948 to bully their way into statehood the leaders made a secret pact to continue the colonial expansion.

    The Palestinians have put up incredible resistance so the Zionist have failed to take over all of Palestine.

    However, who outside of the members of the Federal Reserve would have guessed that the Zionists would only take two decades to take over the once great United Stated of America?

    Here is the proof...


    The letter was originally hand-written in Hebrew by David Ben-Gurion, and was intended to update his son Amos, who was then living on a kibbutz, on the latest political considerations. In the letter Ben-Gurion explains his reaction to the July 1937 Peel Commission Report, providing arguments as to why his son should not be concerned about the recommended partition of Mandatory Palestine. The Commission had recommended partition into a Jewish State and Arab State, together with a population transfer of the c.225,000 Arabs from the land allocated to the Jewish State.[3][4] Ben-Gurion stated his belief that partition would be just the beginning.[5][6] The same sentiment was recorded by Ben-Gurion on other occasions, such as at a meeting of the Jewish Agency executive in June 1938,[7] as well as by Chaim Weizmann.[8][6] In the letter, Ben-Gurion wrote:

    "Does the establishment of a Jewish state [in only part of Palestine] advance or retard the conversion of this country into a Jewish country? My assumption (which is why I am a fervent proponent of a state, even though it is now linked to partition) is that a Jewish state on only part of the land is not the end but the beginning... This is because this increase in possession is of consequence not only in itself, but because through it we increase our strength, and every increase in strength helps in the possession of the land as a whole. The establishment of a state, even if only on a portion of the land, is the maximal reinforcement of our strength at the present time and a powerful boost to our historical endeavors to liberate the entire country."[9]


  • LeKat!
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    4 years ago

    Many! Just to name a few China and Japan are at odds about some islands off their coasts. Turkeyis occuping half of Cyprus, China controlls Nepal, Kashmir is disputed between India and Pakistan. There are many disputed territories yet Israel is the only country with a constant spotlight pointed at

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  • Shay p
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    4 years ago

    There might be a few and Israel isn't one of them.

    Israel's borders are the borders of the State of Israel. The borders have changed from time to time with developments in Israel's military and diplomatic situation. According to Green Line interpretations, it borders Lebanon in the north, the Golan Heights and Syria in the northeast, the West Bank and Jordan in the east, the Gaza Strip and Egypt in the southwest. The border with Egypt is the international border demarcated in 1906 between Britain and the Ottoman Empire. The borders with Lebanon, Syria and Jordan are based on those drawn up by the United Kingdom and France in anticipation of the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in the First World War and the carve up of the Ottoman Empire between them. They are referred to as the 1923 Paulet-Newcombe Agreement borders, being those of Mandate Palestine, which were settled in 1923. Israel's borders with Egypt and Jordan have now been formally recognized and confirmed as part of the peace treaties with those countries, and with Lebanon as part of the 1949 Armistice Agreements. The borders with Syria and the the west bank territories will be decided if and when a peace will erupt.

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    • Hajj Sameer
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      and then accuses the Palestinians of terrorism.......terrorism is an israeli industry.....and about the Samson needs balls to carry it.....

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  • 4 years ago

    Yes, the United States under Obama.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    the Islamic State.

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  • 4 years ago

    The Israelis have some difficulty in understanding theirs, yes.

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  • S B
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    4 years ago

    Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, India, Pakistan, Russia and any other country that has a border dispute maybe???

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