What s a better show to start on Netflix, Flash or Arrow?

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    5 years ago
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    the Flash is technically a spin-off show, related to Arrow. If you're interested in both shows, I'd recommend starting with Arrow first. "Flash" is good, but I personally like Arrow better - it's a little darker than the Flash, and I think it's just pretty well-done overall.

    It's on the CW, (like the Flash) so don't be expecting awesome cinematography or anything super mind-blowing, 'cause everything's fairly low-budget...but Arrow has definitely improved from the first season in terms of effects, and sets, and budget-related stuff.

    I also recommend Jessica Jones, wholeheartedly. Just keep in mind that JJ takes place in the Marvel Universe, (she's a Marvel character) while Arrow lives the the DC universe...they are two separate comic worlds. :)

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    Netflix Arrow

  • Caleb
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    5 years ago

    Neither. Both are VERY poorly written shows. If you're already on Netflix, check out Daredevil, then Jessica Jones. They are MUCH better. They have better writing, better characters, better dialogue, MUCH better villains, they aren't cheesy or silly like Arrow and Flash. Also, when watching those shows, ESPECIALLY Arrow, but sometimes Flash as well, you feel like you're watching a soap opera with how dramatic it gets. It's awful.

    Really, do yourself a favorite, watch Daredevil and Jessica Jones instead. You will not be disappointed.

    Edit: HAHAHA. wow, whoever wrote that comment is pathetic. Not only are they the kinda idiot who spouts random crap, they also make their comment anonymous. Why? Perhaps they are ashamed of how pathetic their comment was. They should be. Because all that 'You live at home and are ugly" stuff? That sounds like something a 12 year old would come up with. Just sad. lol

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    So yea, definitely check out Daredevil first. That's a bada** show all around. Great action, acting and writing. I'm a fan of comics so naturally I enjoy that part of Arrow/Flash. Personally I like the Flash more. As a character in general and how cool it is on TV. Arrow is decent. Acting got better. But both of the shows feature some questionable acting and extremely corny drama that you'd find in teen soap operas.

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  • 5 years ago

    Arrow. Flash is good, don't get me wrong, but I think Arrow is a much better watch.

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    5 years ago

    The Arrow cause, both shows tend to intertwine with another and the Arrow makes plot points meshed w/ the Flash, easier to watch if done first

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