if a GOP President is elected in 2016, would the Dems consider nominating John Bel Edwards for President in 2020?

Who is John Bel Edwards? First of all, he is the recently elected gove nor of Louisiana, elected in 2015 as a Democrat, at a time when the GOP in Louisiana had made tremendous gains in that state. Edwards is considered a relative moderate, and his ability to win in a southern state as a Democrat at a time when the GOP has already become the dominate party in the Southh certainly makes John Bel Edwards a serious contender for the Democratic Party's 2020 presidential nomination.

P.S. John Bel Edwards has also served as leader of the Dems in the lower house of Louisiana's legislature.

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    5 years ago
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    So much for clean air.

  • 5 years ago


    You must be a complete psycho if you think anyone is deciding who to support in 2020.

    Why would I consider nominating someone about whom I know NOTHING RELEVANT?

    You're refused to give ANY idea of his position on ANY issue, or ANY facts about anything he's ever done.

    It isn't likely we'll have a GOP prez next term. But either way, only a complete lunatic would bother about who to vote for in primaries this far off.

    All that said, probably not. Hardly any Americans agree with the GOP on any issue, and that number shrinks every day. The GOP have been proving themselves unfit to govern, incapable of governing.

    They have gone out of their way to prove that thwarting the will of most Americans is the ONLY goal they have, and there is nothing too wrong for them to do toward that goal.

    No, Edwards is NOT a serious contender for an election that is years from starting, you brainless, delusional wing-nut.

  • 5 years ago

    Maybe. But your precondition won't be met.

    And even if the then-sitting president decides not to run for a second term, Bell would still have to beat Vice President Newsom in the primaries.

    With his weird left/right zig-zags, being "Mr. Gay Rights" and supported by the left liberals, yet firmly in the pockets of the real estate corporations and banks who usually support Republicans, Newsom will be a hard man to be beat.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Let's pray a Republican gets in the white house on both terms.

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