My son wants to create some sort of home recording studio, best way to do it?

My eldest son has an HP Windows 10 PC, a Pacifica 112 guitar, a Marshall amp (MG30CFX), a mic (SM58), and a keyboard he borrows off his brother - (Yamaha YPT 220).

What is the best way to get all this into a PC? What software would you recommend for laying down music step by step?

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    Basically your looking for an audio interface with a XLR input and phantom power for the mic, Many will come with some type of recording software as a bonus, although a stripped down version of there paid for counterparts but fine for just getting started on . and don't bother with the free download stuff, more frustration than their worth, Ableton live and ProTools are the big players here so best to learn them rather than some software a pro recording engineer would laugh at . As he has 2 instruments and a mic I'd go with at least a 2 channel, something like this for example, And just a heads up, Behringer aint known for their reliability its why their so cheap, and your mixing board will be built into the recording software

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    The simplest way is with a small USB mixer like (or similar to) this: The mixer comes with free recording software (Audacity) Audacity is a free multi-track recording and editing program that's actually quite powerful.

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    I made a YouTube video showing exactly how a home studio can be assembled. I break down how everything is plugged into each other and what you need to get up and running.

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    Source(s): Owner and mixing engineer at Raw Technique Studios.
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