Racial bias in social media?

How does racial bias in social media impact communication? Need help will give 5 stars

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  • 5 years ago
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    Racial bias of any sort has an impact, whether inferred, spoken, or covertly suggested. True or not, people tend to believe as gospel truth what is paraded to them in writing, on air, or on TV on a daily basis.

    Any bias, done, succinctly, and repeatedly, installs itself into the minds and thought processes of the receiver, and festers there.

    Racial bias, against a certain race, true or not, begins to take root ,

    opinions formed, ideas exchanged, and actions taken. Whether these biases are acted upon immediately, or stored, and aired at at a later date, impacts the receiver blindly, and unjustly, in his life, work, social connections,and any social advancement.

    No matter how brilliant a person may be, in sciences, literature, the performing arts, or politics. the ingrained thought that impacts all that would be his race: already weighed. measured, and found wanting. Thanks to the social media.

    All based on his race, hence cutting off vital communication,social advancement, human justice, or decency.

    Prime example: South Africa, India, parts of Asia, and some Caribbean nations.

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