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What's the best way to make money by making video games?

What's the best way to make money by making video games? I'm looking for a fun way to make money. I have experience programming (I have a Electrical Engineering degree and a minor in computer science), but no experience making games. I have been researching the Unreal Development Kit.

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    Honestly, casual games make just as much money as the huge production numbers these days, and this is where a lot of game developers get their start anyways (casual stuff like puzzle games, tetris clones, etc.) And so there's apparently no bottom to this overwhelming pool of demand for casual games like this, and plenty of room on the bandwagon, so...

    I like Unreal, I'd prefer you started with Unity just due to the vast wealth of knowledge and guidance on their site, youtube, etc, the tutorials on Unity's site right off the front page (click on the 'learn' link) are about as good as you can get, in my opinion. But unreal is doing some cool stuff too. Then just release for all platforms, mobile, etc., Steam, app store, collect your dollar, or maybe it'll catch on, even if a few thousand people buy it, a few thousand is nothing to cough at. :P

    (I recommend the 'roguelike' tutorial in particular as a real whirlwind tour of the Unity 2d engine, just quick enough, but deep enough to give you a real solid baseline of how these games work.)

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