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Pro Wrestling: What made Booker T. a Main Event Quality Professional Wrestler?

Since World Wrestling Entertainment "Buried" Booker T. although he had major feuds with both "Stone Cold" Steve Austin & The Rock working alongside Mr. McMahon and would go onto winning The World Heavyweight Championship, The WWE Intercontinental Championship and becoming three time WWE United States Championship, two time WWE Hardcore Championship and three time World Tag Team Championship along with winning The King of the Ring in 2006. Plus get inducted into The WWE Hall of Fame in 2013.

What made Booker T. a Main Event Quality professional wrestler?

No secret that Booker T. only became Five Time, Five Time, Five Time, Five Time, Five Time WCW World Heavyweight Champion because World Championship Wrestling finally realized building new talent is a good thing in a "Main Event" Scene that featured Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash, Vince Russo and Scott Steiner.

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    Booker T was already a well established star but he got the "your not a Vince Mcmahon creation" treatment in his WWE debut. The Rock buried him right away. A guy as talented as Booker T of course would come back from that but it's sad that the WWE thinks they can treat their talent this way.

    Whatever happened to WWE actually being entertaining?

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    He acts like a professional, is genuinely nice and co-operative. He had a presence, was not overly egotistical and was a role model, particularly to African Americans.

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    Booker T paid his dues in WCW. and the people accepted him and really did want him to win. Booker T using the "british" accent was the "burial" and stupid....

    Source(s): don't hate the pro wrestler.....hate the writer.
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    He had the personality and had the look. He had a dynamic moveset

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