ASAP I feel like I'm getting sick. What can I do to avoid a cold?

I'm going to get Airborne...will that help? I really need to go to work tomorrow.

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  • Mr E
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    5 years ago
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    eliminate thermal and other stresses. stabilize your temperature, stay warm, but don't get too warm. rest. eat some raw onion or garlic. they contain sulfur compounds which are anti-bacterial/viral and the vapors they give off will rise above the throat into the nasopharynx which is where most infections begin. do not massage your neck and shoulders, even if very stiff, you will overload the cervical lymphatics which are nearly or already overloaded from metabolic waste from nerve interference to them which is likely why you're on the verge of a cold in the first place. take vitamin c. it is a natural antibiotic /anti-viral which will boost your immunity by bolstering the adrenal glands also which consume much of it to do their job. you might take some oil of oregano, which has powerful anti-bacterial properties. last but should have been first, see an hio method chiropractor to get the cause of nerve interference corrected. people who have been freed of nerve interference seldom, if ever, get colds.

  • 5 years ago

    Airborne doesn't work. Zicam works very well. I don't know if they have the nasal stuff anymore, but don't use it. It damages your olfactory nerves. But the melts work well. They decrease the duration of the cold by a factor of three and minimize the symptoms.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

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