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Is anyone else as pissed as me!?

Okay seriously WHYYYY is One Direction not nominated for the Grammys!? I can't believe it!!! They have worked so hard, doing charities, going on tour for the past 5 years! Jeez they don't even get nominated for anything :/

I read they can't be nominated for Made in the A.M. because it didn't make the cutoff date, but still they could/should have been nominated for their album Four, and also Drag Me Down (that would have made the cutoff date).

It just makes me so mad because they have worked so hard to get where they are now!! They are one of the most successful boy bands in the world, yet they don't get nominated. They are really talented and care so much about charities. I don't have anything against Meghan Trainor but seriously why does she get nominated but they don't. just don't understand this...

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    Yes I am ticked. I think their album FOUR was released during the correct period. And Drag me Down was also.

    True that only like 5 things can be nominated for each prize but a lot of nominated stuff this year seems weak.

    Also someone pointed out that the group/duo prizes have nominations that were one person ft. another person, and that those which should be in a collaboration category. Group/duo should be for acts that are always a group or duo.

    One Direction has won LOTS of other awards. An article recently said they have been nominated for over 700 awards and won over 300, and that if averaged over their 5 years in existence, it worked out to being nominated for an award every 3 days and winning one every 10 days.

    At least they get worldwide recognition. Just not grammies...

    Apparently the Grammies have a longstanding prejudice against pop, and 1D are not the only recipients of that prejudice.

    The Kinks were also never nominated.

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    Doing charity or whatever work they do has nothing to do with being nominated. They may be the biggest boyband right now but they don't exactly have much competition, I mean, I can't even think of another boyband these days. Their songs aren't really HITS is the problem, most of the sales just stick with their fanbase and that's it. You may hear their songs on the radio every once in a while but they don't really make that much of an impact in the pop scene. I think SOML is the only song they ever had that did honestly.Until they get to the nsync level or even backstreet boys, we won't be seeing any grammy nominations soon. (And since they're probably breaking up I doubt we will)

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    Yes I am super mad too...if I was them I would be mad as well (and disappointed) because I would have worked my butt off for 5 years going on tour, supporting charities, etc. and then it's like no one even appreciates it :/ Like seriously why didn't they get nominated.

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    maybe because "four" was actually good but MITAM is not one of their best albums and they're breaiking up so I don't really see a point in that

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    no one gives a ****

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