What causes Chicago to be so corrupt, so often?

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  • 4 years ago
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    Basically, most politicians know that they can get away with it. The probability of being caught and/or exposed is pretty small.

    Part of the problem is that Chicago is a one-political party city. The Democrats get campaign money from special interest groups and businesses that know they will get rewarded. The GOP does not have the ability to select attractive and sensible people, so they get few votes.

    Virtually every mayor since the 1880s has either been a crook, abused power, or let his/her friends become rich due to sweetheart contracts. Many of the city council members run effectively unopposed because nobody wants to spend the money to be elected; and once in office, the opportunities to become extremely wealthy (by bribery) are unavoidable. Judges are elected in IL, so the good old boys in the Democratic party organization choose their buddies - and the average Joe cannot differentiate one judge from another (there are usually dozens on the ballot). Ditto for city and county elective offices; and department heads are selected by political hacks.

    I don't know whether Rahm Emanuel is as crooked as Richie Daley, but he's already tainted with the red-turn-on-red traffic light bribery program, the police brutality cover-ups, and the unwanted George Lucas museum deal.

    Really though, it is up to the voters to rise up and throw out the career politicians.

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