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Ik this isn't healthy but I'm desperate?

For a while now I've been eating about 3-400 calories a day and exercise for 30 minutes a day on my elliptical. I'm trying to get down to my goal weight. Is this an okay way to do it as long as I don't binge?

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    No it's really not okay, you could faint, you could become anaemic, you could see your blood sugars drop so low that you could go into a coma, you could even go into cardiac arrest, your hair will start to break off and your teeth will weaken and be more prone to decay and breakage plus you will damage your metabolism too.

    You are going to end up with malnutrition because it is simply not possible to get all of the nutrients you need on those calories.

    It wont even make you lose weight faster, your metabolism will slow down and your muscles will store water so why risk your health for nothing? Do it properly and you will get the same results anyway.

    There is a guide, it's a very good one and will give you a guided amount of calories for weight loss based on your age, height, weight and activity level.

    If you have psychological problems eating more than 3-400 calories per day it's time to see your doctor.

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    "Ik this isn't healthy" so why as the question? What you're doing here is making sure your later life is a living hell.

  • glcang
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    You have bought into the lies that the fashion/body image industry has been spewing for decades. It is all about getting you to live a lifestyle that will keep them in business.

    Your desperation is a sure sign that you have lost your way. Vanity is not a good reason to starve and binge. Face it you need to talk to someone about your problem .

  • Bernd
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    5 years ago

    400 calories is way low. Starvation. That will lower your metabolic rate which will make it harder to burn calories. Bad.

    Aim for more like a well rounded 1200 per day and keep up the exercise. Good luck.

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