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So, I'm going to the Military at age 19. Any tips on how to break the news?

I'm 19 years old and going to the Military soon. I have told my parents this at age 15,16,17 & 18 and they always seemed to think I was joking and that maybe I would change my mind and be a "real success" There is no turning back at this point for me; I'm my own man and I know what I'm doing. I also have a few friends going with me who will help me kick some A**. My parents (specially my grandma) will be so MAD when I tell them, but I can't just keep this a secret. Please Please Please Help. Thanks.

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    Good for you, I have a nephew serving in the Army right now and he loves it!

    He says its the best thing he's ever done and those other guys are like brothers to him. Well it sounds like your parents are more open to the idea, let them help you break the news.

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    Not like Al Pacino in Godfather.

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    how hard is it to say: Mom, Dad, I am leaving tomorrow for basic training. I Hope you will support me in this decision but if not, it is YOUR loss, not mine. I will NOT listen to ridicule, or being told I am ruining my life or any other crap. either be happy and supportive, or this is the last you will ever hear from me.

    and then FOLLOW THROUGH.

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    Send them a post card.

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