I am 36 weeks pregnant with a baby boy.?

I am 36 weeks pregnant with a baby boy. I caught the flu and ended up in the ER due to being light headed. Got there and found out the baby wasnt turned around, shouldnt he be? And found out I was having contractions and didnt know. 2 to 3 Contractions every 10mins, and dilated 3cm. Does this means he s coming soon? If so, how soon? Im due dec. 31st and I work at the Hilton Hotel so im on my feet alot. They gave me fluids to slow down the contractions which I guess work because I got sent home. My back hurts, and they gave me a prescription. Any advice anyone could give me would be nice.

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  • anon
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    5 years ago

    At 36 weeks the baby might be ready. I tried external cephalic version with my daughter who was breech and she refused to turn. Knowing that I do now about the risks of cephalic version I would not repeat that same risk to my daughter's life. She did not turn because her cord which was already too short was wrapped around her neck and turning would have choked her to death. I do have some advice about C-sections to because that is probably what you are going to end up having to have. C-sections are painful, if you focus on the pain it will be more painful but if you acknowledge that the pain exists and choose to ignore the pain by focusing on any other happy thing you will be much better off. The sooner you are up and walking the less painful it is. The most painful thing about C-sections is the gas that they use to separate your organs because it feels like air on an open wound coming out except worse so taking Gas-ex is even more comforting than pain relievers. That first bowel movement is very painful so (and because you have the flu do not do this yet) get on sodium docusate stool softeners a week before and after giving birth because whether you have a vaginal or other delivery pooping after giving birth is the most painful part of the process. Finally Morphine sucks if it makes you itch and break out into hives. Morphine was the worst part of it. Last time I got the anesthesiologist to leave the Morphine out of the spinal tap and it was my best C-section to date but your body may react differently to morphine than mine does. Best wishes I pray that you deliver a healthy, full term baby.

  • 5 years ago

    No, it does not mean he's coming soon. You were sick, probably dehydrated (almost certainly if you were light headed), and contractions are extremely common in those situations. Hydration stopped them, and you were discharged.

    Babies sometimes don't turn head down until during labor.

    Unless there is a medical indication that shows that delivery is necessary, doctors will absolutely attempt to stop labor at only 36 weeks.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Hmm my doctor told me he wouldnt stop labor once i was past 35 weeks maybe it was braxton hicks contractions. As for the baby not being head down dont worry to much about it i felt my daughter turn two days before i went into labor! But if you are worried about it tell your ob she/he can give you some exercises that you can do to help the baby flip.

    Now as for being dilated it means nothing you can be stuck there for months...

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