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I didn't want to do it..but I feel the Govt cannot keep me safe..I signed up for a Conceal gun class; what sort of pistol should i get?

Never owned a gun but have shot a 22 caliber, I know..I didn't want to do it but the last incident in CA pushed me to do it as I am a Govt employee at the state level. I understand people saying that we cannot predict these sort of shootings..well that may be arguably so but that logic isn't going to keep me safe. What kind of pistol should I get? 5'3 female.. 130 should I conceal it?

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    You should first take a Basic Handgun Course (which should also count as a CCW course). Basic handgun courses are designed for novices who know little about handguns. The course will rpovide an overview of differenct types of handguns, ammunition, maintence, grip, stance, and provide you live fire time in the range under the supervision of an instructor.

    You should be focusing on subcompact semi-auto handguns, preferibly chambered in 9mm Luger. It has a good balance of power without too much recoil and ammo is the most reasonably priced. There are many choices available, but Glock 43 and Springifield XD-s are my top two, but there are lost of other choices that might be better for you.

    If you prefer something even smaller (and less powerful), look for a .380 ACP handgun, such as a Ruger LCP or Glock 42 and others.

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    The whole purpose of the class is to tell you what gun is right for you. So don't get a gun until you finish the class. Depending on where you sign up at they may include the gun in the price of the class & training.

    Source(s): friend owns a shooting range which is also a gun store and training center
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    Not one of these incidents has been prevented or stopped by a citizen with a gun.

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    this is the legal section and I advise you to call a lawyer

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