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NFL: Carolina Big Cats visit Saints! Your 2 below?


The Panthers are the king of that proverbial hill at the moment and they have a ridiculously easy schedule to potentially go Undefeated en route to SB50!

Q 1. Does New Orleans have ANYONE of note on D that can stop the Newton run game and their methodic running attack?

Q 2. Will Brees do anything OTHER than fall to sacks or INTs or worse the Pick6?


Q 3. Does New Orleans take this game seriously or are they already planning for summer 2016?

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    I'm laughing at the notion that they'll get to Super Bowl 50, let alone undefeated.

    Q1: As someone else stated, Cameron Jordan is a very good player on that bad defense.

    Q2: You never know, especially with the Saints playing at home. Wouldn't be shocked if they again play like crap on offense or light it up.

    Q3: As they are professionals and some many be playing for jobs on this team or the next, they'll take it serious. Plus they are only 2 games out in the wildcard race.

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    Q1. Even though the Saints defense has been bad, a couple players have been decent. Cameron Jordan has quietly put up 7 sacks and rookie CB Delvin Breaux has been playing very well as well. But it takes a team to stop them and Jordan and Breaux won't be enough.

    Q2. I don't think Brees can pass downfield and beat the Panthers. I think he can still be a good QB, but this isn't Brees of a few seasons ago. I think he'll throw a couple INTs and get sacked a couple times.

    Q3. Predicting bad teams at this point in the season is hard to do. I think they'd love nothing more than to be the team that ruins an undefeated season and especially against a division rival at the Superdome.

  • Cu Tie
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    5 years ago

    Q1: No, the New Orleans Saints do not have anyone of note on defense that can stop anyone, let alone Cam Newton.

    Q2: Drew Brees is probably the only one actively trying to win games for the Saints.

    Q3: I think New Orleans has packed it in, and is already making offseason vacation plans.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Upset in the works.

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