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Rap & Hip Hop: What are your favorite Hip Hop songs that are not on albums? (BQ's)?

List as many as you want. There's a lot more out there than most of you guys probably think lol. My favorite at the moment is probably Benz or Beamer by OutKast. I also really like the I'm Beaming Remix by Lupe which features Blu, B.O.B., and a bunch of other rappers that I've never heard of. Those are probably my top two at the moment. What about you guys?


BQ1: Better MC? Phonte or Big Boi? For the longest time, I've had Phonte over Big Boi but as of late I've been leaning more towards Big Boi as the better MC.

BQ2: Is it kind of strange how I am able to comprehend what rappers like Pharoahe Monch say in their songs yet I can't comprehend a book that I read in school? (I'm terrible at English and I haven't passed a test on a book since 8th grade. I'm in 11th now)

BQ3: Name a hip hop album that you think would make a good video game


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    Benz or Beamer is a dope @$$ track, I'll name a few such tracks that I love :

    1. Green and Yellow : Lil Wayne

    2. Brooklyn High (Jim Jones Diss) : Jay Z

    3. Blow 2.0 : Juicy J, DJ Scream, Future and Ludacris

    4. I Want It All : Juicy J ft. Kendrick Lamar

    5. Shinnin : Future

    B.Q 1 : Phonte is a dope rapper but these lyrical guys just don't know how to pick good beats to flow on. Big Boi is a next to perfect rapper with sharp flow, killer lyricism and incredible consistency.

    B.Q 2 : Talking about English even I'm a sucka. I guess fans can understand the toughest hip hop lyricism because they are use to the style of their favorite rappers plus they listen to the same tracks multiple times during a week whereas when it comes to course books if people can't understand the content in one reading they just don't care to make efforts to read it again or take the help of the internet like they usually use Rap Genius for Hip Hop.

    B.Q 3 : Get Rich or Die Tryin' a perfect video game sorta name with 50 Cent as the main protagonist and upcoming drug dealer turned rapper and cops, other drug dealer and competitive rappers as the antagonsits.

    The story starts with 50 has been shot 9 times and then recovers in the hospital and is now out for revenge and also make a name for himself in the Hip Hop industry.

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    Sup sports dude. Here are some good non album songs in no particular order

    Back to back- Drake

    I don't know- meek mill

    The champ- nelly

    Pimp remix- 50 cent snoop dogg and g unit

    Old school love- Lupe fiasco

    Not for long- BoB

    Don't tell em- jeremih and yg

    Bq1: big boi because I've heard of him

    Bq2: yeah that is weird. I don't know, everybody is different. You just have to find a way to connect music to your classes (btw I am a junior too)

    Bq3: probably an album with a story like good kid maad city, my krazy life, or the incredible true story

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